Consumers' choice of beef retail outlets in argentina in the late 90's.

Importancia de los canales minorista de compra de carne vacuna en Argentina a finales de los 90.

p. 063-075

Rossini, G.


The objective of this study was to find out and quantify the effect of demographic and socioeconomic factors of Argentine households on the choice of beef retail outlets. A Multinomial Logit Model was used to explain consumers' outlet selection and to calculate the marginal effects of the variables included in the model. The estimates were based on data from the 1996-97 National Households Consumption Survey, the last available one because the new survey has not been published yet. Results show that age and education of the head of the household, total income, payment method, and size of the purchase played a significant role in the choice of retail outlet. This study provides information needed to improve marketing strategies for different outlets.

Key words:

Retail Outlets, Beef, Multinomial Logit Model.