Perceptions of university classroom conditions.

Percepción de las condiciones ergonométricas del aula universitaria.

p. 047-052

Montico, Sergio.


There are several reasons why the teaching-learning process is altered; one of them is the quality of the ambit where it occurs.

The classrooms that are used in the University to deliver courses seldom meet the environmental needs of students. To study the perceptions of the classroom ergonomic conditions where the fourth year students of Agricultural Engineering career enrolled in the subject of Land Management, in 2007 there opinion was relieved through anonymous and semistructured inquests. These inquests were based on the environmental attributes, light, sound and visibility, distribution of banks, air conditioning components, design and impact on learning capabilities. Although, in general, most did not assigned a decisive influence on the quality of the act of teaching, some of them were deployed specifically to be recognized as deficient character of the scenery. In addition, solutions for neutralization and enhancement were raised.

The constructive design of classrooms and the provision and capability of internal components must be especially considered so as to optimize teaching, preventing avoidable restrictions.

Key Words:

Teaching and learning, constructive design, environment.